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Jazz is omnipresent. The way they play, the listener is able to learn a lot about the feelings and lifestyle of the musicians.

Christoph Mudrich was born in Saarland (Germany). He works and lives at a border region, therefore it's natural he united musicians from 4 different countries to play and work together in order to fulfil his musical projects.

jazzorchestra europool consists of top musicians from Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the south-west of Germany with the purpose of becoming a paneuropean band. In the beginning only the personal composition of the band was european , later on the musical way developped in the same thought. Bagpipes and flamenco rythms weren't only copied as a typical American way of Jazz interpretation but well integrated in bigband style , keeping as well as possible their original groove. The album starts with a blues of the famous EUROVISION chart and ends with a query version of a well known german lullaby.

Christoph Mudrich demonstrates his own style of arranging and composing, genuine European Jazz at a very high level, never stopping swingin 'and even dreamlike ballads with gorgeous soloparts keep their own specific tension . Zeus had to turn into a white bull to divert the nymph EUROPA with the purpose of kidnapping her from the circle of female companions. Christoph Mudrich doesn't need to convert nor to steel anything. He remains true to his principles and his musicians like to perform with him. After gigs they 're open for discussions, have meal together and are even welcome to stay at his familiar environment for night.

Not only musicians but even sponsors are charmed by his natural beeing . So it wasn't surprising that the culture foundation from the " Deutsche Bank " , the 1000 year festivities from the " City of Saarbrücken " and last but not least, the Jazz editorial staff from " Saarländischer Rundfunk " made the appearance of this CD possible.

The first album of jazzorchestra europool is a humourous love declaration to the multiple music art of our continent, and the ironical approach to home melodies sometimes take a surprising bend. A must for the EURO and EUROPE.

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The price for the CD is 17 Euro (700 BF).

You can transfer the amount to the account #6-129/6902/870 at BANQUE INTERNATIONALE AU LUXEMBOURG and send an e-mail to Guy Schadeck for order.

You can also buy the CD directly from the group EUROPOOL in going to their concert in Trier.

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blues for europe 7.53
bone : jan kamp
trumpet : helmut becker
drums : oliver strauch
scotch & bop & strugglin’roll 10.29
percussion : amby & oliver strauch
alto : thomas girard
bone : phil abraham
the 3 bones : kamp-cochet-abraham
bass : jean-luc miotti
tenor : guy schadeck
fantaisie espagnole 11.03
bone : phil abraham
flugelhorn : claude mirandola
L’oreille 9.50
piano : christoph mudrich
sopran : philippe brohet
gipsy things 8.46
sopran : philippe brohet
tenor: thomas girard
the 3 saxes : girard-brohet-schadeck
trumpet : erny hammes

la vie en rose 9.26
percusssion : amby & oliver strauch
piano : christoph mudrich
bone : françois cochet
trumpet : erny hammes
the 3 trumpets : hammes-becker-mirandola
bass : jean-luc miotti

good night 7.18

All selections composed and arranged by Christoph MUDRICH Exept : La vie en rose by Louiguy / Piaf Arranged by Christoph MUDRICH L’oreille is based on Lied von der Lorelei by Friedrich Silcher Good night is based on Wiegenlied by Johannes Brahms

Recorded on 26. + 27.11.98 at Musikstudio II / Saarländischer Rundfunk Recorded and mixed by Ralf Schnellbach Cover Art and Layout by Schwickerath Produced by Christoph MUDRICH Publishing rights by Christoph MUDRICH Musikverlag

Special thanks to Dr. Peter Kleiss, rédacteur en chef Jazz, Saarländischer Rundfunk Rainer Silkenbeumer, Heike Koenig-Trings, Gepa Schwickerath, and the guys of the band

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